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How We Do Things


We use a combination of paddle and oar boats on all our trips. Paddle rafts require a minimum of six guests who are ready and willing to paddle. Paddle rafts are great because they allow more people to be involved and create a real immersive experience for participants. Oar boats allow the guide to maneuver a smaller group of guests along with any gear needed down the river. While it is not required, having 2-4 paddlers in the oar boats is always appreciated. Additionally, we do have a small number of single and tandem inflatable kayaks available upon request

Our Guides

Along with being very personable, all our guides have both the experience and training needed to safely guide you down the river. Our guides are excited to share their passion for the river with you. If you would like to get to know some of them beforehand, visit our About page. In addition to meeting the state licensing requirements, our guides are expected to take care of you well. As is customary in any service industry, tips are appropriate and appreciated.


We provide lunch for all our full-day and multi-day trips. Multi-day trips start with lunch and end with lunch on the last day. We furnish all the food and utensils, and your guides handle all the food prep and cooking for all your meals. By special request, lunch can also be provided for a half-day trip. For lunch, you can expect options such as chicken salad & croissant sandwiches, taco salad, or deli sandwiches, along with fruit and river snacks including chips, granola bars, cookies, and beverages (bottled water and soda). If you are on a multi-day trip with us, we understand that the river gives you an appetite, and we provide 'Good ol' Out West Cooking' to satisfy it. For breakfast, you can expect meals like pancakes, French toast, or huevos rancheros, along with fruit, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. For dinner, we use Dutch ovens and grill tops to prepare meals like BBQ Chicken, Fajitas, and Lasagna, among other options. All meals are served with appetizers, sides, and desserts such as Dutch oven peach cobbler, brownies, or upside-down cake. Each night, you can expect to enjoy S’mores cooked over hot coals, along with the stories and companionship of your guides and fellow adventurers. If you have special dietary needs (vegan, gluten-free, etc.), please inform us in advance, preferably at the time of booking. We are happy to accommodate.

Outdoor Voyagers does not provide alcohol for any trips.


In our opinion, this is the best stretch of river in Idaho for one, two, or three-day whitewater rafting trips. The pool and drop typology of the river provides plenty of terrific rapids coupled with peaceful pools and sandy beaches. Rapid classifications change during the season according to the river's volume. This section of the Salmon River generally contains class II, III, and IV rapids. Safety is our top priority, and if river conditions present too great a risk, we may make certain adjustments to the float to mitigate that risk.

River Camping

On all of our multi-day trips, the fun doesn’t stop once you're off the water. The sandy beaches along the Salmon River provide excellent sites to set up our river camp where you can relax along the river’s edge or enjoy swimming, playing river games, or taking a short hike along the riverbank. We provide all meals, starting and ending with lunch. Additionally, we provide sleeping pads, tents for two, dry bags, chairs, sand mats, sunshade, river games, and a river and nature library. For a list of suitable items to bring, refer to our packing checklists.

Transportation: Each of our trips typically begins at the river take-out, where you will be greeted by the Outdoor Voyager shuttle. From there, you will be transported to the boat launch, where you will meet your guides and receive a trip and safety orientation. Your float trip ends back at your vehicle. Transportation accommodations may vary depending on trip factors or your needs, and shuttle arrangements will be confirmed prior to your trip

Risk and Liability: History of river running shows that with experience and proper precautions it is reasonably safe. Along with any other outdoor activity it is not without risk. Our trips are led by licensed, trained, and professional guides who prior to your trip launch will provide a safety orientation on how to be safe on the river.  Along with your guided raft we also provide personal flotation devices (life jackets), paddles, and if necessary, helmets, wetsuits, and splash jackets. Our equipment is inspected before each float to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Outdoor Voyagers LLC assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property loss or damage. Each participant is required to sign a liability waiver and acknowledgement of risk before each trip.Outdoor Voyagers LLC is a licensed and bonded outfitter with the State of Idaho and operates under a special use commercial permit from the BLM.

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